- "We are more than a fashion brand, we are a brand where each garment reflects a timeless, urban, feminine and contemporary style, each silhouette, textile and details rethink our everyday looks ensuring long stays in our closets. With a commitment to garments that talk to each other, we have managed to create casual outfits.

We travel, we work, with a delicious coffee or a wine we discover the best textiles, inspiration and qualities. In Spain and Portugal we work with the magic of fashion, trends, the creation of unique pieces, with a vision of the future and timelessness. At this moment we are discovering the textile world of noble and certified materials, conscious fashion, improvement in working conditions and no overproduction and valuing  unique garments with better quality textiles.

Our collections have been designed in Chile, designed by and for you." -

Now I'll tell you a summary of myself. My name is Ignacia and everyone knows me as Peli. In April 2010 one day my mother told me “come with me to see leather in the Victoria neighborhood”, I had never been and we went. Walking through the streets we saw a man who made shoes with printed fabrics, one could choose the fabric, the laces, the sole, etc. It became one of the most original things I had ever seen. I approached him and asked him if I could have shoes made to order and he immediately said yes, and so “BETA JULIETA” started. We urgently needed to find a way to generate income to live, and this opportunity fell from the sky.

I convinced my mother and called my sister, Dani Méndez, current owner of “Focus Locus”, my mother very dedicated to everything, Dani very creative and I very commercial, we made the perfect team. In less than 3 days, Dani had created a Facebook, a logo and had already taken photos of a couple of fabrics that we had bought to start. We had $50,000 to go with, and we did it.

Little by little we began to become known and managed to sell more than 100 pairs in the first month, that made us realize that WANTING IS POWER, and that with attitude everything is achieved (a phrase that I never forgot again).

Over time we became known and left cloth shoes to start making leather ones. We became the first brand of shoes with platforms, at 18 years old they called us from the big stores to sell (we had no idea what to say in the meetings haha), we went through 3 shoe factories where they copied us and stole a lot of money from us and materials. We raised money and went to take a shoe course in Argentina.

9 years passed, we learned a lot about the industry, the shoemakers became part of our family, but the industry was a headache. Until the time came to say “first of all is health”, and that was when we thought about selling the brand.

A department store called us to a meeting to buy the brand from us. Why didn't we sell it? because we never took into account the “Brand Registration”, and well... we were never able to register it and we lost this tremendous opportunity. But the most important thing of all is that we continue to be the united family that we have always been, it was really a team, my mother (@silvitatextil) Dani (@danimendeze ) and me (@pelideignacia).

I always wanted to make accessories for women, but I wasn't sure what to do, but I knew it had to be original, exclusive and make women feel unique. I invented the name “ROSSAMOLA” and I didn't tell anyone, not even my family. And the first thing I did was register it, after 6 months of the registration process I received a letter at my house with the approved registration. I couldn't be happier.

We are currently a team of 8 people who do everything with a lot of love and effort to deliver the best designs and products. In December 2020 I opened my first store in the Casacostanera Mall, it was my dream to have a store, and despite the global situation we were in due to Covid-19, I still took the risk, until the months passed and I realized many things, I felt that the store did not make me happy, in July 2021 I closed it.

Thank you so much for trusting my team and the story behind the brand, and never forget that wanting is power, and above all, NEVER GIVE UP.

Welcome to Rossamola.

A hug,